MISSION:  Promote and Strive to continually upgrade the quality of conservation and creation of Hudson Lake, Indiana.

PURPOSE:  This Nonprofit Corporation is formed for the betterment and preservation of Hudson Lake. This commitment is to include but not be limited to upgrade: its water quality and level, its shoreline, its bottom (sediment, algae, aquatic macrophytes), and other conservation and recreational needs of Hudson Lake. All of which will be done with the proper and required permitting from the United States Army (Corp of Engineers), State of Indiana and County of LaPorte required agencies.

Season 2014-2015

Annual Membership fees $25

Due date: On or before May 31, 2014

Make  payment payable to;


Mail to;

Bill Companik, HLCA President

7365 E. Hudson Point Lane

New Carlisle, IN  46552



or call 574-654-3066

Membership Fees

INDR Indiana Department of Natural Resources
LARE INDR's Lake and River Enhancement Program
AVMP Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan
AQRS Aquatic Restoration Systems
AWC Aquatic Weed Control
EWM Eurasian Water-Milfoil Plant

HLCA members, your support over the years has been the heart of our success. Hudson Lake is one of the finest lakes in the State of Indiana. Our HLCA's project evaluate the various aquatic and other elements in and around our lake; and then we manage any regressions to ensure that the high quality of the lake water continues to be protected. Our lake is clean of contaminants, crystal-clear of algae and well oxygenated. Also, the lake water level is being monitored and controlled to the extent that we can. Due to the water's quality our fish and wildlife are healthy, and our Hudson Lake community is able to enjoy every recreational lake activity.

Since we must continue our efforts, as we move on, we need to re-instate our $25 annual membership fee this Jan-May, for our fiscal year 2014-2015. The fee has been waived for the last three (3) years, 2011-2013; however, our treasury balance of $5,000,oo now tells us to start donating our fees again. Please make your check out to: HUDSON LAKE CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION and mail it to my address below. Checks should be mailed as soon as you can, but must be in by May 31, 2014 - start of fiscal year. Being early does save us a lot of effort.

Our HLCA 2013 Status Reports, in June and September, explained that we did obtain a IDNR-LARE Grant for $11,920 and hired contractors to continue development of our Hudson Lake AVMP. These projects were successfully accomplished. They are briefly stated here:

June - AQRS surveyed our lake for exotic plants, developing data on their location and acreage.
July - AWC applied herbicide treatments to 7.6 acres of EWN, spread around our "Big" and "Little" Hudson in eleven (11) different locations.
August - AQRS surveyed to locate any remaining bed of EWM.
October - AQRS developed EWM Map and attended IDNR Permit Meeting
January - AQRS developed our updated AVMP and presented it at our HLCA Public Meeting.
Note: The total cost of each project was shared as follows: LARE paid 80% and HLCA paid 20%

When we apply for a LARE Grant in January every year, it is difficult to estimate the amount of funding we will need to manage our lake's aquatic plants for upcoming year. We use the data from late summer of the year before. Then, we must ensure that our estimates will provide adequate LARE funding to control EWM, which is an Invasive Exotic Plant. EWM populates very rapidly, killing off the other 20 plants that protect the quality of our lake water.

We have applied for a 2014 LARE Grant, in the amount of $10,500 to manage our aquatic plants in 2014. We expect to know if we will obtain these LARE funds by April.

Our six (6) Directors, (me included) work together as a Planning Team to implement our HLCA projects and other efforts. They are being mentioned here so you can be aware of the functions being monitored, evaluated and implemented as needed.

Bill Companik President + AVMP
Bob Guros Legal USPS Mailings
Tom Ahart Treasury + Financial Reporting
Steve Varela Status Reporting + Watershed
Neal Connolly Watershed + Area Rep
Julie Pec HLCA Website + Area Rep

However, we do have a serious need for additional Area Reps from around the lake. If you would consider becoming an Area Representative, you would be providing an outstanding service to our Hudson Lake Community. As an Area Rep, you would provide a friendly link with nearby neighbors regarding our HLC activities. Please call or email me if you could provide this service for our community.

Please also help us to encourage everyone in our Hudson Lake community to join our membership and to support our efforts I keeping our lake the best it can be for our fish, wildlife and our overall recreation. Thank you.

Bill Companik, President
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552
574-654-3066 billc@core.com

2014-January Status Report

Established January 2005