MISSION:  Promote and Strive to continually upgrade the quality of conservation and creation of Hudson Lake, Indiana.

PURPOSE:  This Nonprofit Corporation is formed for the betterment and preservation of Hudson Lake. This commitment is to include but not be limited to upgrade: its water quality and level, its shoreline, its bottom (sediment, algae, aquatic macrophytes), and other conservation and recreational needs of Hudson Lake. All of which will be done with the proper and required permitting from the United States Army (Corp of Engineers), State of Indiana and County of LaPorte required agencies.

Season 2014-2015

Annual Membership fees $25

Due date: On or before May 31, 2014

Make  payment payable to;


Mail to;

Bill Companik, HLCA President

7365 E. Hudson Point Lane

New Carlisle, IN  46552



or call 574-654-3066

Membership Fees

2014= May Status Report

Hello Everyone:

HLCA Hudson Lake Conservation Association
IDNR Indiana Department of Natural Resources
LARE Lake And River Enhancement

We have the following three points of interest to share today.

1. Our HLCA has been awarded a 2014 Grant for $8,400 from the IDNR LARE program that we applied for last December. Of course, we do have to pay our 20% portion of that amount, i.e. $1,680. That is why you do need to send in your annual membership fee. It is due May 31, 2014. We do have a small reserve, but we cannot run that too far down. Our 3-year waiver of fees for the years 2011-2013, did bring the reserve down. However, we must ensure that we have an adequate treasury for future needs. Let us not forget, back in 2010 and 2011, we were not awarded grants for those two years and had to pay for the full-lake mappings and selective herbicide treatments entirely from our HLCA Treasury.

2. This $25 annual membership fee is for June 1, 2014, through May 31, 2015. Many of our members have already sent in their individual fee. A big thank you to each of them for helping us move the collections along. Well, now is the time for all of us to make the membership check out to the Hudson Lake Conservation Association. Then, just mail the check to my name and address below, via U.S. mail. I record the fee payments on our HLCA Roster. Then, our Treasurer, Tom Ahart, records the fees as financial records for our HLCA Income / Expense Statements, also for our taxes. Tom then deposits the checks into our HLCA Treasury.

3. On behalf of our Hudson Lake Community (plus the rest of our U.S.A.), we must teach our children, regardless of their age, not to litter. Litter like bags, bottles, cans, cups, napkins, cigarette packs, etc. along the side of any road is not attractive. Hope you agree. Summer is coming. Let us all get out there and enjoy our lake’s many recreational attractions.

Of course, its biggest attraction is that it is one of the healthiest and most beautiful lakes in the state of Indiana. Hurray for that.


William Companik, President
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552


Status Report

Established January 2005