Established January 2005

Season 2018 / January-December

Annual Membership fees $25

Due date: 

During the 1st Quarter of each year.

On or before March 15th annually.

Make  payment payable to;


Mail to;

Bill Companik, HLCA President

7365 E. Hudson Point Lane

New Carlisle, IN  46552


or call 574-654-3066

MISSION:  Promote and Strive to continually upgrade the quality of conservation and creation of Hudson Lake, Indiana.

PURPOSE:  This Nonprofit Corporation is formed for the betterment and preservation of Hudson Lake. This commitment is to include but not be limited to upgrade: its water quality and level, its shoreline, its bottom (sediment, algae, aquatic macrophytes), and other conservation and recreational needs of Hudson Lake. All of which will be done with the proper and required permitting from the United States Army (Corp of Engineers), State of Indiana and County of LaPorte required agencies.

Status Report


Dear Hudson Lake Community,

As of August 1, 2017, we have changed our HLCA Fiscal Year's Calendar dates:

FROM: June 1st of each year through May 31st of the following year.

TO: The normal American Calendar year of January 1st through December 31st.

Accordingly, the new Annual Membership Fees (AMF) will become due at the beginning of each year with January 1st through March 15th becoming the new payment period for the year.

Certainly this does take a lot of confusion out of the previous payment period for each year's AMF.

Checks should be made payable to HUDSON LAKE ASSOCIATION in the amount of $25 and mailed to my attention as the address below.

If you have any questions or comments, please do contact me and let me know what they are.

Thanks a lot to each of you for your on-going support in helping to keep our lake healthy for all our fish, wildlife, and our own recreational activities. We do have on the most beautiful lakes in our State of Indiana.

William Companik, President
Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552

2017 Lake Project Report

IDNR            Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
LARE            Lake And River Enhancement program
AWC             Aquatic Weed Control
EWM            Eurasian Water Milfoil
Phrag            Phragmites
SSW             Starry Stonewort
AVMP           Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan


Hello Hudson Lake Community, 

During the 1st quarter of this year, we did obtain an IDNR–LARE Grant to protect the 20 good water plants in our lake that keep our water clean, clear and well oxygenated for our fish and wildlife.   We protect these good plants by controlling 3 destructive plants in our lake  –  EWM, Phrag and SSW.   Since It is impossible to eliminate these 3 bad plants, we are required to control them every year to protect the high quality of our lake.    Of course, this is great for all our recreational activities, as well.
We then obtained a IDNR Permit to apply approved herbicides to treat the various beds of these 3 bad plants.   We do have one of the most beautiful lakes in our State Of Indiana

This table shows this year’s successfully completed projects with their associated costs.   Our HLCA is required to pay a portion of the total costs to treat EWM & Phrag (20%) and to treat SSW (50%).   AWC is our IDNR Certified Contractor who is accomplishing all the work for us.


Important:   Our HLCA has scheduled our Annual Membership meeting on November 11, 2017, at 1:00 PM CT, in the Ballroom of Monroes Crossing, on our lake.   Please do mark your calendar to attend.

The planning, surveying (mapping), updating of our HLCA AVMP and presentation at our above meeting will be additional costs of approximately $5,000, also covered by the grant.   Of course, we will pay our 20% portion of about $1,000.

The total costs to successfully complete all this year’s projects will be approximately $26,250, with our HLCA portion being about $7,800.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our HLCA or our lake, please let me know.


William A. Companik, President
Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 6552



Membership Fees