LARE Sediment Removal Plan Meeting

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

11:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 CST

Anyone interested in viewing the meeting via Microsoft Teams should request an invite link by contacting

HLCA President Zach K at​

Hudson Lake Conservation Association

Membership Fees

MISSION:  Promote and Strive to continually upgrade the quality of conservation and creation of Hudson Lake, Indiana.

PURPOSE:  This Nonprofit Corporation is formed for the betterment and preservation of Hudson Lake. This commitment is to include but not be limited to upgrade: its water quality and level, its shoreline, its bottom (sediment, algae, aquatic macrophytes), and other conservation and recreational needs of Hudson Lake. All of which will be done with the proper and required permitting from the United States Army (Corp of Engineers), State of Indiana and County of LaPorte required agencies.

Questions:  Email or call 219-229-0567

Season 2022 / January-December

Annual Membership fee $35

beginning 1/1/2022

Donations are also appreciated

Membership fees are due during the 1st Quarter of each year. 

On or before March 15th annually.

​Mailed payments should be payable to


Payment Mailing Address:

Zach Krachinski, HLCA President

7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane

New Carlisle, IN  46552

On-line Payments and Donations:


​January 1, 2019  

Leadership Changes at HLCA

This January marks the transition of leadership at the Hudson Lake Conservation Association (HLCA).  William (Bill) Companik, founder and president has turned over responsibility for leading the organization to Zach Krachinski.

​Under Bill’s vision and leadership, the organization was formed in 2005 to protect our most precious resource. While the challenges have changed, the mission has remained the same: To protect the lake’s quality and quantity for all that rely on it.  As a result, that vision has earned the organization statewide recognition and a seat at the table for State appropriations in the form of Lake and River Enhancement grants. Indeed, under Bill’s leadership, the Association has earned grant monies every year that total well in excess of $120,000. These efforts have resulted in high technology sonar mapping, lake diagnostics that examine invasive species, water quality and oxygenation, and the investigation of the many fish species that call Hudson Lake their home.

Forming an organization and developing the operational expertise that relies on volunteers to manage funding appropriations while maintaining the confidence of State officials is perhaps Bill’s greatest contribution, and one that will serve the new president well for many years.

On behalf of the Association, I’d like to thank Bill and his wife Mary Ann for everything they have done for the lake and all the families who enjoy it.

Steve Varela
Vice President &
Board Member at Large


December 23, 2018

Re: Two Important Announcements

Hello Hudson Lake Community,

We have a new HLCA President starting 1-1-19. Zach Krachinski will be replacing me and will have my same home address. Zach is buying my home and his contact information will be:

Zach Krachinski, President
Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552
(219) 229-0567

The second announcement is that our Annual Membership Fee (AMF) will remain at $25 per year, due January 1, 2019.

Make your check payable to: Hudson Lake Conservation Assoc.

Mail it to: Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552

The primary reason that we do not need to increase our AMF for 2019 is because our HLCA will be hosting our 2019 Spring Fling the last Saturday of April. Notices will be emailed to you at the appropriate times.

I wish you all "Happy Holidays" for this Christmas and New Year's season. Hope to see you all at our HLCA 2019 Spring Fling.


William A. Companik, President
Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552



Dear Hudson Lake Community,

As of August 1, 2017, we have changed our HLCA Fiscal Year's Calendar dates:

FROM: June 1st of each year through May 31st of the following year.

TO: The normal American Calendar year of January 1st through December 31st.

Accordingly, the new Annual Membership Fees (AMF) will become due at the beginning of each year with January 1st through March 15th becoming the new payment period for the year.

Certainly this does take a lot of confusion out of the previous payment period for each year's AMF.

Checks should be made payable to HUDSON LAKE ASSOCIATION in the amount of $25 and mailed to my attention as the address below.

If you have any questions or comments, please do contact me and let me know what they are.

Thanks a lot to each of you for your on-going support in helping to keep our lake healthy for all our fish, wildlife, and our own recreational activities. We do have on the most beautiful lakes in our State of Indiana.

William Companik, President
Hudson Lake Conservation Association
7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
New Carlisle, IN 46552