MISSION:  Promote and Strive to continually upgrade the quality of conservation and creation of Hudson Lake, Indiana.

PURPOSE:  This Nonprofit Corporation is formed for the betterment and preservation of Hudson Lake. This commitment is to include but not be limited to upgrade: its water quality and level, its shoreline, its bottom (sediment, algae, aquatic macrophytes), and other conservation and recreational needs of Hudson Lake. All of which will be done with the proper and required permitting from the United States Army (Corp of Engineers), State of Indiana and County of LaPorte required agencies.

Season 2015-2016

Annual Membership fees $25

Due date: On or before May 31, 2015

Make  payment payable to;


Mail to;

Bill Companik, HLCA President

7365 E. Hudson Point Lane

New Carlisle, IN  46552



or call 574-654-3066

Membership Fees

    2015-January State Report

    Hello Everyone,

    HLCA   Hudson Lake Conservation Assoc.        AWC     Aquatic Weed Control
    IDNR    Ind. Dept. of Natural Resources.             AVMP   Aquatic Vegetation Mgmt. Plan.
    LARE  Lake And River Enhancement.                EWM    Eurasian Water-Milfoil.

     Being early January, it is a bit cold outside, but it is also a good time to summarize the HLCA accomplishments put into our lake over the past year.   Here is that summary:

    Jan. – HLCA Applies for an IDNR-LARE grant to manage the aquatic plants in our lake.
    Apr. – HLCA obtains a $8,400 grant, LARE to pay 80% and HLCA to pay 20%, and sends out bid requests to firms specializing in AVMPs
    and Herbicide Treatments.

            – HLCA sends to all members the “HLCA 2014 Spring Status Report”.
    May – After evaluating all the returned bids, HLCA hires AWC to update our AVMP and to herbicide any plants in our lake that
    are dangerous and invasive.

    – AWC surveys all the plants in our lake, including their locations and quantities, plus updates all pertinent information within our AVMP.

          – HLCA applies and obtains a LARE permit to herbicide all beds of the EWM plant.

    Note:  EWM, being a very invasive aquatic plant species, would kill off all the good plants that keep our lake clean, clear and oxygenated.  
    EWM would take over our lake in just a few years.

            – HLCA announces that $25 annual membership fees are due for the 2014 fiscal year starting June 1st thru May 31st, 2015.  
    All members are asked to help.

    Jun. – AWC treats all beds of the dangerous and invasive EWM plant with herbicide, totaling16.2 acres.

            – AWC’s $4,480 invoice is reformatted and submitted for LARE to pay 80%.

     Jul.  – After LARE transfers $3,584 into our HLCA treasury account, we send AWC a check for $4,480, including HLCA 20%.

            – AWC re-surveys lake to record any EWM that was not destroyed.

     Sep. – AWC presents the current updates of HLCA’s AVMP at the HLCA annual membership meeting.

     Nov. – AWC submits a draft of the AVMP to IDNR for comments and to obtain approval.

     During January, 2015, AWC is to provide HLCA an initial copy of the application for a 2015 LARE grant.   During March, AWC is also to provide the final AVMP hardcopy updates and AWC’s final 2014 invoice.

     HLCA was certified as a Non-profit Business Organization by the State of Indiana in January, 2005.   We were then awarded our first grant in 2006.   Thank you very much for your support over the past 10 years.   Our lake is one of the cleanest and all-around finest lakes in the state of Indiana.

     Please do e-mail or call me, if you have any questions or comments.


    William Companik, President
    7365 E. Hudson Pointe Lane
    New Carlisle, IN 46552


Status Report

Established January 2005